This will be pretty basic. I'll give you my picks for the matches at the Royal Rumble and also share the results of the polls that I've had up for the past three days regarding the five matches at the Sunday PPV.Before I start, just want to say the last four days have produced the highest number of page views in the three month history of this blog. The last two days passed January 5th (the night after WWE vs. TNA) as the most page views for my blog. You guys are great. I appreciate the support. I'm slowly assembling a team to put out some writing of their own as well adding in some news items in some kind of daily update. I want this to be a place for readers to check out every day. Slowly, we'll get there I think. As a thank you, at the end of this Rumble preview I'll let you know who I talk to in WWE. Now, onto some predictions:The 30 Royal Rumble Match featuring six guys that might win and everybody elseThe poll results: Shawn Michaels 38%, Triple H 12%, Chris Jericho 9%, Edge 7%, Ted Dibiase 6% and John Morrison 6%. Some of the write in votes were for Michael Cole (with two), John Canton (thank you to whoever did that) and Hornswoggle (thanks for voting, Vince McMahon).<!--more-->I know that on Monday in my Rumbling to Mania column I originally picked Michaels. A lot of you did too. I'm changing my mind to Triple H officially. The plan seems to be in place to have him win the match, challenge the WWE Champion (Sheamus) at WrestleMania and then have Michaels win a match against either Batista or a #1 Contender's Elimination Chamber match where he would win to get the title shot at Undertaker. I don't think anybody else really has a good shot.My hope is that during the match they have some big spots for the likes of Morrison, Miz and Kingston among others because they need to develop these young guys sooner rather than later. My other hope is that the Edge return works really well. I'm very excited about the Edge/Jericho feud this year. Even though I think the outcome is very predictable, I am very much looking forward to this match. I enjoy it every year.My pick: Triple HWorld Heavyweight Title: The Undertaker vs. Rey MysterioThe poll results: Undertaker 83%, DQ/No Contest 9%, Rey Mysterio 7%I think it's pretty obvious who is winning here. The poll results show that. It'll be interesting to see how the match goes considering they've only worked a couple times in their career. When they wrestled on Smackdown on the Christmas show I gave it **3/4 for a ten minute match. If they get 15-20 minutes, which is possible, they could definitely reach the four star level. I'm expecting a clean Undertaker win here without any interference by Batista. This outcome is the biggest lock of the night, no question.My pick: The UndertakerWWE Title: Sheamus vs. Randy OrtonThe poll results: Sheamus 50%, Randy Orton 27%, DQ/No Contest 23%If it's a DQ then Sheamus retains, so that means 73% of you are saying Sheamus leaves as the champion. It will be interesting to see how the crowd reacts to a heel vs. heel match. I can see a scenario where Orton gets a lot of cheers because he's obviously the bigger name. I doubt they want that reaction, but it'll likely happen. Booking wise, I think Sheamus leaving as champion is the likely scenario after Legacy screws up when trying to help Orton. All signs are pointing to Orton vs. Dibiase (with Rhodes possibly added as well) at WrestleMania. They can plant the seeds here. I think Sheamus wins after taking advantage of a mistake although it won't be totally cheap.My pick: SheamusWomen's Title: Michelle McCool vs. Mickie JamesThe poll results: Mickie James 50%, Michelle McCool 26%, DQ/No Contest 24%Interesting poll results. Half say Mickie, half say Michelle's going to keep the belt. As I've written many times, this is the best feud for a women's title since Trish vs. Mickie four years ago. I didn't like the Piggy James angle at the start because calling a woman as gorgeous as Mickie "fat" is ridiculous, but it's worked in terms of getting a crowd reaction. The awesome promo on Smackdown last week proved that. My hope is they get at least 10 minutes of in ring action. I'm not sure about the finish. They can either have Mickie win clean here or keep it on Michelle through a number of ways. Layla could interfere to help her win, maybe Beth comes out for the DQ or even a clean win for Michelle. They could be saving the title switch for WrestleMania, which I'd be fine with. I'll pick my girl Mickie James-Canton here although I don't have that much confidence in this one. I kinda like that. Unpredictable is good.My pick: Mickie JamesECW Title: Christian vs. Ezekiel JacksonThe poll results: Christian 38%, Jackson 32%, "ECW Still Exists?" 29%, DQ/No Contest 1%I think it's time for Christian to drop the belt of the brand that is barely hanging on. I'm not sure when ECW will officially end, but it's soon. I'll pick Jackson for the win here. I'd expect this to open the show as well, which could be a bad idea considering Jackson still has a ways to go in terms of being better in the ring. I love how so many people voted for "ECW Still Exists?" That's funny.My pick: Ezekiel JacksonI like this year's Royal Rumble PPV. Three of the four matches title matches interest me while Christian/Jackson doesn't do that much for me even though I like Christian. I'd rather see him against Benjamin again. The other three title matches have been built up pretty well, or at least offer up something new as far as a match. It's not the same stuff we've seen every month like we got most of 2009 in terms of title matches. Then there's the Rumble match itself, which is always a huge draw. I'll give credit to WWE as well for doing a much better job of promoting it this year. Last year they didn't do a good job in that department. It should be a strong show. I have high expectations.I'll likely have some kind of live post on my blog Sunday night during the show. I might update it throughout the night or post it immediately after it's over. Either way, I will be covering the Royal Rumble right here on The John Report blog.On a final note, since I get asked all the time who I talk to in WWE I thought I'd finally let you know. The people I talk to are as follows:1) HHH - He used to hate me, but after I started calling him Hunter the McMahon Family Avenger he loved me. I had to block his number. Leave me alone, man!2) The Undertaker - Dude loves me. He keeps telling me to get a girlfriend that's 15 years younger than me. I told him that's illegal at 29. Maybe when I'm 33. What a bad influence.3) Vince McMahon - I book Raw with him. Midgets are hilarious.That's it. And if you believe those are the three, I have some magic beans I'd love to sell you too.I'll be back on Thursday with a post on some news including more on the developing TNA story that they will be moving Impact to Monday nights starting March 1st.Feel free to throw in your predictions for the Rumble in the comment section below. Thanks for reading.John Canton