You've hopefully seen the previous post where I introduced the Greatest WrestleMania Match Ever tournament that I'll be running here at over the next 2 weeks. Frankly, I got more gripes about it than I intended, so I decided to change it up again. Mainly, I threw Rock/Hogan from WM18 into the fold as a 6 seed in the Naked Mideon bracket (you'll see the graphic shortly - it's bracket, not a picture of Naked Mideon I mean). Why did I throw Rock/Hogan into the mix? Two reasons: 1) I got a lot of people asking about that one match on facebook, on twitter and in the comments below, so I figured maybe I should watch it again. I still don't think it's great technically, but in terms of emotion it's one of the best matches ever. We all have different tastes. Some people like Hogan's back raking, I guess. I don't love it, but I can appreciate it and there's no denying the guy is probably the most charismatic wrestler ever. It's not like he won people over because of his moveset, right? So I'll give the match its due. Truthfully, all the matches that were a 6, 7 or 8 seed were all very close to me with Rock/Hogan on the fringe, so bumping out the Money in the Bank match at WM25 to appease some very passionate fans is something I'll do. 2) I re-watched it along with a lady friend that has watched some wrestling in her time and she really went nuts for it. She's seen it before, but not more than the original viewing in 2002. Her reactions made me think, "hmmm maybe I'm missing something with this one." While I still don't think it's more than a 3 star match at best, its significance is pretty huge and I'll acknowledge that I messed up by not originally including it. I've corrected it and as you'll see below it's a part of the tournament now. <!--more-->Here's the new (and final, I promise) graphic for the tournament. I put the names of the four brackets in there too, so you know what's what. If you click on the graphic it'll expand to a full screen image that's very easy to read. In addition to adding Rock/Hogan, I moved some stuff around. I got a very good message from a reader suggesting I try to mix it up more in terms of not having the same kinds of matches in the same area. So a match like Savage/Steamboat switched with Razor/HBK, but they are still a 2 seed. I think the 4/5 and 3/6 matchups will be very interesting. I tried to mix it up by having some classic singles matches going up against some matches that were either hardcore or that used ladders. It'll make you think long and hard about what's better. It's all up to you. I had some question how I got the rankings. Here's my explanation: The top four matches (as I see it) are 1s. My 1A and 1B are Austin/Hart and HBK/Taker, so I put them on opposite sides of the bracket. That could be the finals. I don't believe in putting them on the same side of the bracket because I look it at like the NCAA basketball tournament. You want to have the most attractive matchup in the finals. Whether it gets there or not is up to the voters. I don't care who wins. It's not up to me. It's up to all of us. We all get one vote and that's it. It's up to me to make it as fair as I possibly can. The other two 1 seeds are what I felt are the 3rd and 4th best ever. Truth is, I was really only set on the top 3 as 1s and picking the 4th (Angle/HBK) was a lot harder because I think it's a five star match just as all the 2 seeds are. From there, I went in order, ranking every single match and what I came up with was what you see on the brackets. Basically I grouped them into 4s and put them in each bracket as I saw fit. Now I'm going to re-post the schedule as well as the groupings: ROUND 1Sat 03/13 - Berzerker bracket 4 matchesSun 03/14 - Al Wilson bracket 4 matchesMon 03/15 - Kamala bracket 4 matchesTue 03/16 - Naked Mideon bracket 4 matchesROUND 2 - SWEET SIXTEENWed 03/17 - Berzerker bracket 2 matchesThu 03/18 - Al Wilson bracket 2 matchesFri 03/19 - Kamala bracket 2 matchesSat 03/20 - Naked Mideon bracket 2 matchesROUND 3 - ELITE EIGHTSun 03/21 - Berzerker bracket 1 match, Wilson bracket 1 matchMon 03/22 - Kamala bracket 1 match, Mideon bracket 1 matchROUND 4 - FINAL FOURWed 03/24 - Berzerker/Wilson Bracket Winners, Kamala/Mideon Bracket WinnersROUND 5 - FINALSFri 03/26 - The remaining two matches go head to head. Winner announced WrestleMania Sunday. Each poll will be open for 48 hours. The MatchesHere's a listing of all the matches in their brackets. There is an image of the matchups immediately following. BERZERKER1. Hart/Austin 132. Razor/HBK 103. HBK/Hart 12 4. MITB #1 215. Guerrero/Angle 206. E&C/Dudleys/Hardys 167. Taker/Batista 238. Diesel/HBK 11AL WILSON1. Angle/HBK 212. Bret/Owen 103. TLC 17 4. Savage/Flair 85. Edge/Foley 226. HBK/Flair 247. Warrior/Hogan 68. Cena/HHH 22NAKED MIDEON1. Austin/Rock 172. Savage/Steamboat 33. Lesnar/Angle 194. HBK/Jericho 195. Undertaker/Edge 246. Rock/Hogan 187. Hart/Piper 88. Evolution/RockNSock 20KAMALA1. Taker/HBK 252. Benoit/HHH/HBK 203. Warrior/Savage 74. Angle/Benoit 175. Cena/HBK 236. MITB 237. Rock/Austin 198. Taker/HHH 17My two notes of importance:- I don't care what criteria you use to judge the matches. It's your call. Everybody has their own opinion on what makes a great match, so I'm not going to tell you how to vote. - Ultimately, not to sound like a jerk or anything, but I'm the one that put this together. My tourney. My rules. I hope you can respect that. I understand differing opinions on stuff. That's fine. Please do it in a respectful way, that's all. This is the first time I've done something like this. It's not perfect. I know that. All I ask is that you be reasonable in polite should you disagree with something. The "my tourney, my rules" thing isn't meant to insult you or anything like that. It's just that in cases like this there needs to be one person in charge to make decisions and since the blog has my name on it that's going to be me. My goal with this is for it to be a fun experience for all of us as wrestling fans. It'll be cool to see people talking about these matches while saying things like, "Damn, I forgot how good that was" or "you're an idiot if you liked this!" That's what wrestling fans are, right? We're passionate about the business that we like and sometimes even love. Speaking of love, I should point out that my favorite match as a kid (Savage/Dibiase from WM4) didn't even make the list, so I'm pretty heartbroken about this already. And my favorite match as an adult (Trish/Mickie from WM22) isn't here either. I'm such a mean person, aren't I?Lastly, I want this to be fun. I want this to help all of us remember what shaped us as fans in the first place and why we're still watching today. The first four polls in the Berzerker bracket will be posted Saturday morning. Giddy up.JC