One of the things old guys in wrestling seem to enjoy is stiffing promoters and not showing up to shows where they’ve been advertised for months. That’s exactly what “Psycho” Sid “Vicious” Eudy did over the weekend at a Pro Wrestling Syndicate show in Rahway, NJ. I’m not sure how many people actually cared, but it happened…<!--more-->Sid was scheduled to face Matt Hardy in a match that most people would never pay to see, unless they just hate themselves and love train wrecks. However, the promoter came out at the beginning of the show to tell the fans in attendance that Sid called him that morning to tell him he had lost his wallet, so he couldn’t make the trip. Seriously. His actual excuse was that he lost his f**king wallet. Fortunately for everyone, Jay Lethal was brought in, he impersonated Sid, then did something that Sid has never done. Be entertaining.Sid—the guy who is credited in movies as “Psycho” Sid Vicious—deserves to be ridiculed and taunted for bailing on the indie show, because it’s not like he had anything better to do. The promoter called Sid from the middle of the ring, allowing fans to jeer at him via voicemail, then he gave out Sid’s personal number to anyone who wanted to call and interrupt his Dharma & Greg marathon to complain. I was able to get his number, and I attempted to conduct a 100% legitimate and real* interview via text message. So, here you go. A TJR exclusive:


He continued to dodge my questions and blabber about softball for another half-hour before I finally gave up. The bottom line is that the guy is an idiot, a sh*tty wrestler, and he doesn’t care enough about the 5 people who showed up to watch him powerbomb Matt Hardy back into rehab to show up and do it. And he doesn’t have half the brain that you do. (PWTorch)*Interview may or may not have been 100% legitimate and realIn other news…Madusa recently mentioned that WWE contacted her, but she wouldn’t give details on why. The thought is that she’s been contacted to be interviewed for a series on the WWE Network on the Attitude Era, but it could just be that Vince McMahon heard she had a boob job. Since that was like 12 years ago, it makes sense that he’s just now hearing about it. (PWInsider)Mick Foley recently spoke out on WWE’s angle with Eve Torres, mentioning that WWE is sending mixed messages to the audience, considering they promote the Be a STAR campaign and John Cena loving to Rise Above Hate. They are, it’s stupid, and whoever is writing this crap needs to grow up. WWE has never been a place where women are really respected, but it’s never too late to start. Eve is also partnering with Mick on his WrestleMania Dream Vacation Raffle, which only has 3 days left. Get more info and buy tickets by clicking here. (Twitter)Road Warrior Animal is trying to stay relevant by telling Sting that he isn’t a legend or an icon or anything more than a painted face sissymuffin unless he has a run in WWE. I guess the Four Horsemen group, Abdullah the Butcher, Gary Hart, Von Erichs vs. Freebirds, and a dozen other not-WWE things don’t deserve a place in wrestling history either. I think I’m one of one people who could care less if Sting ever shows up in WWE. He’s great, and all, but dude’s in his 50s. If he shows up to trounce a returning Jeff Hardy, then fine. Otherwise I’m fine remembering Sting as the guy who helped make Lex Luger look good and for creeperstalking the nWo for a year. (Lords of Pain)Last week, TJR’s Thomas Briggs talked about Hulk Hogan’s sex tape, which will probably released so the Hulkster can make a few extra bones. That was intentional. I didn’t get a chance to weigh in on it, unfortunately, so I thought I’d share this with you. I told my buddy/infrequent commenter, Wulliam Raymond, (with whom I often have discussions about who was better—Shawn Michaels or Hulk Hogan) that I was getting him the DVD for his birthday. His reply: “I don’t need it. I’m sure it’s like all his matches. He comes out to a huge pop, then is passive for 12 minutes, only to come back and finish strong, followed by 10 minutes of posing. And at the end, I’ll think, ‘Shawn Michaels’ tape would be better.’”That’s it for me until Thursday, hopefully. I’ll have a brand new Disasterpiece Theatre, which will be Bail Enforcers aka Bounty Hunters, starring Trish Stratus. See ya then. Have a good week.-JacobFollow me on Twitter!