If you're one of those people that hates both the guest hosts and the PG rating, I got news for you: They are not going away anytime soon. This article from the New York Times is a big reason why they have the guest hosts in the first place. Simply put, they want to get more mainstream press. To be featured in a major newspaper like The New York Times is a huge coup for WWE and I fully expect them to brag about it on Raw tonight. Regarding the PG rating, check out this quote from HHH: "I’ve got young kids. Years ago, we were what we were, and I certainly wouldn’t want to have my young kids watch that product. We’ve evolved." Now, I like HHH for the most part, but isn't this the same guy that's been making dick jokes for well over a decade now and even as part of DX recently they were still making similar jokes? Furthermore, he also made a reference to Lilian Garcia's horse face a few weeks ago (thanks to Mick Foley for that). Apparently that's evolution. In case you're unaware, HHH and Steph have two young kids under the age of 5 with a third on the way. Since they're right after Vince in terms of power, don't expect WWE programming to suddenly change to TV14 in the near future. It might be a while. Hopefully this can start some discussion amongst you guys. I'll be back late tonight with The Raw Deal.