You should have gotten the hang of this now if you've voted the last couple of days. Pick three for each one. Judge a feud however you want. Michaels/Undertaker is the match of the year, but does one match constitute a feud or do you need to see more than that? It's your choice. I'll explain my choice in the column on Monday, which I haven't even started yet. I've been having too much success on twitter lately with a certain woman named  Mickie James-Canton. Okay not really success, but it's a start! Anyway, here are the polls. Too tired for an explanation. I think the categories are easy to understand.Happy voting and I will post up something tomorrow, probably with emails I've gotten over the past week or so.  I may post some news & notes as well if I get time to put it together.<!--more-->Best Feud[polldaddy poll=2365511]Worst Feud[polldaddy poll=2365527]I changed the upcoming ones a bit. I decided to take out worst on interviews and threw in a best Raw guest host category.Thursday: Best on Interviews, Best FemaleFriday: Best Raw Guest Host, Best and Worst PPVsSaturday: Most Underused, Funniest Performer and The KNOCK THE FUCK OUT~ Award