Next Monday (December 14) WWE will be having their Slammy Awards while earlier that same day I will be posting my 2009 WWE Johnny Awards. If you check out my previous post on the blog you can see the 2005 Johnny's to give you an idea of what kind of categories there will be. I will be changing some, though. I will also be incorporating polls into it. Every day for the next 7 days I will put two polls up. Each poll will be open for 2 or 3 days except the last two, but they aren't as important in terms of categories. For each award in my writeup I will give you my top three and also list the top three based on the voting that you guys did.<!--more-->For the awards, the time period I'm using is from December 1, 2008 to November 30, 2009 so it's the full calendar year of 2009 minus one month. There wasn't much that happened in December 2008 except for Jeff Hardy winning the WWE title at Armageddon and the Slammy Awards when that lucky bastard the Great Khali kissed my beloved Mickie James-Canton. Don't think I forgot, Khali!Important: When you vote, pick three. I'm picking three, so I want you to pick three too. If you want to pick just one or two that's fine, but the most you're able to pick is three. Not every poll will have this option, but in the cases of these two that option is available.These are the nominees for best wrestler named after HBK & the Nature Boy. I decided to put a lot of people on there and I don't think I missed anybody. If you think I did, put that name in the other selection. Best Wrestler is to be given to the person that best combines workrate, character, mic work and everything else into one. I guess it's similar to Superstar of the Year except I call these people wrestlers rather than superstars.[polldaddy poll=2353470]These are the nominees for worst wrestler named after Giant Gonzalez. If you saw him wrestle, you know why it's named after him. If you didn't see him wrestle, you're lucky. I don't really agree with some of names on here being on the worst wrestler, but based on general emails I get claiming hate for certain guys (Cena, HHH, Batista among others) I decided to throw them on here.[polldaddy poll=2353592]Happy voting. I'll post the Raw Deal where I'll shill this some more and later Tuesday in the evening I will post the next two polls. I'll probably be posting these in the evening my time through the next 7 days.