These are the last four. They'll be open for about a day and a half, which is when I'm posting the awards (Monday afternoon). I'll go into detailed explanations either really late tonight when I get back from watching UFC or in the AM. Here's a brief rundown.Best JC/WWE Word or Phrase - What phrase did you like best this year whether it was something you read in my columns or saw in WWE. It's a tough choice!KTFO - Who do you want to see get knocked the fuck out?Funniest - Pretty self explanatory. Who makes you laugh the most as a WWE viewer?Underused - Who isn't getting used properly? You could also call it underrated.<!--more-->[polldaddy poll=2379004][polldaddy poll=2378980][polldaddy poll=2378949][polldaddy poll=2378884]Those are the 15 categories you guys can vote on. All the results will be posted in the Johnny Awards on Monday.Thanks for voting!