WrestleMania 28 is shaping up to be a special show.  Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus, CM Punk vs Chris Jericho, and The Undertaker vs Triple H are worth the price of admission alone.  But lets not kid ourselves, the show is really all about John Cena vs The Rock.  It may not be the hardcore fan’s match of choice, but you know what?  It’s what I’m most looking forward to, a credit to how well the WWE and Cena and Rock are building their storyline. <!--more-->A year ago, I was curious as to how this match could possibly benefit John Cena.  I understand the idea that just being in the ring with The Rock, one of the all time greatest performers, would elevate Cena to another level, but I believed he was being set up for failure.  Just take a second to look at the circumstances he’s going up against.  He’s taking on arguably the most popular wrestler ever, in Miami - The Rock’s hometown, and there’s no clear heel in the feud.  With the reactions Cena had been getting all year, I expected him to get booed out of Sun Life Stadium.That might still happen.  But the way in which Cena has conducted himself in this story, and the way he’s gone after The Rock, has made this a must see show.  Forget the match at Mania, Cena has already elevated himself to a whole new level.When The Rock returned to Monday Night Raw way back in February 2011, he absolutely scorched Cena in an epic promo.  At that moment, it was clear that not only did The Rock still have “it”, but he was still in a different league than current WWE superstars.  Like it or not, in recent months, Cena has closed the gap between the two, scorching The Rock a number of times himself.There are plenty of people out there who are against Cena and The Rock tearing each other down in promos.  There’s no benefit in “burying” each other, they say.  I’d argue, though, that the thick tension between the two is leading to one of the most eagerly anticipated match in history.  Imagine if Rock vs Hogan had a build up like this.  Their match was already incredible, but what if the WWE had spent a year building up palpable tension between the two?Is the tension between John Cena and The Rock real?  I don’t know.  My initial opinion was that it’s all a work, but as each week passes by, that seems less and less likely.  Or, I should say, the tension on The Rock’s end seems real.  If you look at his and Cena’s promos over the last year, Cena definitely takes more “cheap” shots at Rock than the other way around.  But is that so horrible?  I know hardcore fans hold The Rock near and dear to their hearts, but it should be obvious why Cena needs to hold his own, if not one-up The Rock.  There’s truth in what Cena has been repeating all year - after WrestleMania, he’ll be the one showing up to every Pay Per View, to every Raw, and to every house show.There are two recent “cheap” shots worth looking at.  Two weeks ago on Raw, Cena called attention to talking points written on The Rock’s wrist.  The shot was especially damaging to The Rock because his perceived biggest strength is his promo abilities.  Fans claimed that Cena was unprofessional, as you should never point out aspects of the business that should remain behind the curtain.  Yet The Rock is willing to tear down Cena for pretending to be a thug, despite having a private school education.  Isn’t that the same thing?  Rock is exposing a gimmick, yet so few, if any, fans cry foul.The second “cheap” shot was this last Monday, when Cena interrupted The Rock mid promo.  Typical WWE promos allow both superstars to make their talking points, but Cena talked over The Rock, something that just doesn’t happen.  The Rock, like the previous week when his talking points were exposed, looked irked that Cena would stoop to that level.  And because he’s so beloved by fans, many have criticized Cena’s tactics.  But for god-sake, The Rock has spent a year calling Cena a fat fruity pebble and transvestite Wonder Woman, is Cena not allowed to one-up The Rock once or twice?  Don’t misunderstand me, I don’t think fans should trouble themselves over either promos, I think they should sit back and enjoy the show that’s being put on in front of them.Is The Rock angry and embarrassed over how John Cena is tearing him down?  Is this all an evil master plan from Vince McMahon to punish the biggest superstar to ever walk out on the WWE?  Is John Cena channeling the thoughts and feelings of the wrestlers backstage?  I don’t know, and I’d argue that the truth really doesn’t matter.  Work or not, The Rock and John Cena are creating captivating television, and WrestleMania 28 may be one of the very few “must see” Pay Per Views the WWE has produced in years.  Think for a minute about when was the last time you really thought to yourself “I have to order this show”.  Outside of July’s Money in the Bank, I really can’t think of any over the last few years.  Not even Wrestlemania 27.That says to me that The Rock, John Cena, and WWE are all doing a great job building this match.  Who cares if what we’re watching is real or not?  The end destination is far more important than how we get there.  It’s not true of everything in life, but sometimes the end does justify the means.To do right by this story, the WWE needs to be careful about two things.  One, they can’t give away a physical altercation between Rock and Cena for free on television.  Two, they can’t end WrestleMania with a non-finish.The whole point of a slow-build feud is to have an audience dying to see two performers beat the hell out of each other.  That’s exactly how the WWE has built Cena vs Rock.  Outside of WrestleMania 27 (which needed some payoff), The Rock and John Cena haven’t been involved in a physical altercation.  That’s been the right booking, and with some fans thinking the tension between Rock and Cena is a shoot, there’s all the more anticipation for when they do finally get their hands on each other.  As hard as it may be, the WWE needs to continue in this direction.  Between tomorrow and WrestleMania, there are going to be plenty of opportunities for a fight to break out between Rock and Cena, but it would benefit everyone more if things are held back for WrestleMania.  It makes the event all the more special.Miami is the perfect venue for Wrestlemania 28.  Had the event been held anywhere else, the outcome of Rock vs Cena would’ve been too predictable.  Ultimately, this feud’s entire purpose is to get Cena over, so fans would reasonably expect Cena to go over.  But because the match is taking place in The Rock’s hometown, the WWE has created reasonable doubt.  Whoever goes over, the WWE just needs to avoid a non-finish.  Interference, count-out, disqualification may all protect both Rock and Cena, but this is a story that has been built up for over a year.  The fans deserve a proper payoff for their time.Whatever occurs at WrestleMania, The Rock and John Cena have done a fantastic job up to this point.  Cena, in particular, has outperformed expectations.  If their match is half as good as this build, it will be a great match.  If it’s just as good or better, it will be legendary.  Both men have it in them to deliver, and I think their egos will ensure that they do.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Thoughts and opinions? 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