It's WrestleMania morning. This evening I'll be back here at to provide live thoughts on the show, but for this morning I thought I'd do a card rundown one more time with some final thoughts on what's going on. I'll also give you the results from the polls that I ran from my Monday preview. All the polls got 2,000 votes or more, so it's a good sampling of what the masses think. I'll put the percentages beside the competitors in the match. Simple enough? Let's get to it. Tag Titles: Showmiz (84%) vs. Morrison/Truth (16%)I think the outcome is pretty obvious here. I'm going with Showmiz and so are the masses. The Morrison/Truth team is only a short term thing while rumors are floating that Morrison might turn heel. I think they will lose to the KNOCK THE FUCK OUT~! punch of the Big Show with Miz getting the cover. I believe this is the opening match on the show and it should get 8-12 minutes or so. If it's not first it'll be Money in the Bank.<!--more-->Divas Tag: The Good Girls (Mickie, Beth, Kelly, Eve, Gail) vs. The Bad Girls (Michelle, Layla, Maryse, Alicia, Vickie)Didn't put a poll up for this one. It's 5 on 5 and I think Beth Phoenix will end up pinning Michelle McCool with the babyface divas getting the win. Good to see Mickie back in action although I expect this to be really short and some of the women might not even get tagged in. Randy Orton (70%) vs. Ted Dibiase (25%) vs. Cody Rhodes (5%)This voting result makes sense. It should be Orton getting the win, but you never know. It would mean a lot for Dibiase to get it. I just think it'll be Orton since he's newly turned face and it would be foolish to have him lose a match like this. Then again, the whole point of stables is usually for the younger guys to be elevated by beating the more experienced guy. That's partly why the feud hasn't worked. It calls for the Orton win and I strongly believe that Orton will win.Money in the Bank: Christian (50%) vs. Drew McIntyre (28%) vs. Kofi Kingston (9%) vs. Shelton Benjamin (3%) vs. Jack Swagger (2%) vs. Dolph Ziggler (2%) vs. Kane (2%) vs. Matt Hardy (2%) vs. MVP (2%) vs. Evan Bourne (1%)I have to say I'm a little surprised that Christian is beating McIntyre by that much. I thought it would be a lot closer between those two. Personally, I'd love for Christian to win. I think he deserves to be a main eventer more than anybody else. It's just that I think McIntyre will win, which I'm fine with, because he seems to be the guy they want to push in 2010. Oh, and here's a GIF link to the spot from Smackdown where Benjamin suplexed Bourne off the top rope. Awesome spot. I expect a lot from those two during the match at Mania.CM Punk (62%) vs. Rey Mysterio (38%) I read in this week's Wrestling Observer that Rey Mysterio is going to work past WrestleMania for as long as he can. He needs knee surgery, but he's going to keep going because he realizes this is a hot feud. The rumored hair vs. mask stip could be added down the road although that's apparently not in the card. My expectation is that Punk wins, Rey is forced to join SES and then in a month or two Rey wins the big payoff match to get out of that deal. I hope they get a 15 minute match here because I think it could steal the show. Remember that it's the start of the feud, though, so if it's short that's probably why.Triple H (53%) vs. Sheamus (47%)This can go either way because I think there will be a rematch at Extreme Rules. Whoever wins here, loses at Extreme Rules in the gimmick match. I'll go with HHH here in a 12-15 minute match although like the voters I'm not that sure. It's tough to call this one. Bret Hart (96%) vs. Vince McMahon (4%)I don't know what that 4% of people are thinking. I guess they're trying to be "cool" or funny. Who knows? I do expect some kind of interference although not sure who or what. Make no mistake though, Bret's winning. The only question is does Bret get the win via the Sharpshooter or by pinfall? I have three buddies coming over to watch. Two of them are basically marks despite the fact that they're in their late 20s. This is the match they most want to see just because as Canadians we love Bret so damn much. Plenty of marking out here. World Title: Chris Jericho (49%) vs. Edge (51%)Another close call. It seems like a lot of you are going along with my theory that Jericho's likely to retain the belt here while Edge gets it next month or even further down the road. I really hope this match isn't sacrificed in the time department because they deserve 20 minutes at least to tell a story in the ring. I'm expecting a very good match here that should hit the four star level and possibly higher. Two of my all-time favorites (and fellow Canadians) in a very fresh matchup with a lot of heat. I love it. Let them shine. The Streak vs. The Career: The Undertaker (77%) vs. Shawn Michaels (23%)There are 23% of you out there that I hope are right about this. I'm not worried about match quality. You know this will be great. With the no DQ rules as part of this match they will be able to pull out more tricks than they did last year. That doesn't mean it will be a better match. It's hard to top last year's match in terms of quality. It could, though. I wouldn't put it past these two since you know they're getting 20-30 minutes. They certainly have the chemistry and the crowd will care more about this match than anything else most likely. I want Michaels to win because he's my favorite wrestler ever and the mark in me will be rooting for that, but I don't think the Streak will ever end. Fear not, fellow HBK fans. He'll probably wrestle again. It just won't be as often. WWE Title: Batista (36%) vs. John Cena (64%)I put this here because I think it'll be going on last. Based on the promotion of the match on Raw I think they're putting all their resources into making this huge. Plus, it's the traditional way to end the PPV with a title match that sees the babyface winning. It doesn't always happen that way, but lately it's been like that. I think Cena's going over clean here most likely with two Attitude Adjustment finishers to put over how tough Batista is. I'd expect them to get over 20 minutes as well. I also sense a rematch coming at Extreme Rules. That's a running theme on this show, isn't it? Can it top the 1.2 million worldwide buys that WrestleMania 23 got? I think so. It's a stacked lineup that's been promoted very well and I think a lot of fans are excited about it. WWE officials also think that it will be the most profitable WrestleMania in company history. Good for them. They deserve it. I know there are a lot of people out there that are critical of WWE at times (myself included), but in this case they've delivered a card that on paper could be as good as any show in the history of the company. I don't see it topping WrestleMania X7 as my favorite WM ever, but it could beat WM21 as my second favorite. I have high hopes and I hope they deliver. ---------If you need some reading to pass the time while you wait for WrestleMania, here's some WrestleMania content that we've posted here on The John Report this week. My WrestleMania preview from Monday with polls available for voting in every match plus a rundown and predictions for each match. The "Completely Accurate" WrestleMania preview from Andrew Johnson offers his unique take on the card. Jaykob's preview of WrestleMania from Saturday night looks at what it would be like if the TNA guys were in charge of the show. Also, the Greatest WrestleMania Match Ever tournament will wind up on Sunday. I'll have the poll up before WrestleMania featuring the top two matches, which at this point appears to be Hart/Austin and Michaels/Undertaker. At about 5pmET I'll throw up the poll for the last match. At 7pmET I'll make the post signifying the start of WrestleMania 26 and all you'll have to do is hit refresh all night to get my updated thoughts on the show from start to finish.It's WrestleMania, baby. One of my favorite days in the year. This show should be fantastic. Enjoy it. I'll see ya tonight!JC