This is the full lineup for the TLC PPV as far as I know: Cena vs. Sheamus (Tables), Undertaker vs. Batista (Chairs), Christian vs. Shelton (Ladders), Jerishow vs. DX (TLC), Morrison vs. McIntyre (IC title), Orton vs. Kofi and Michelle vs. Mickie James-Canton (Women's) added last night @ SD. Thoughts? Predictions? Let's discuss.I'll write full predictions on the weekend. Right now I'm going with Cena, Undertaker (I think Batista gets it at the Rumble), Shelton, DX, Morrison (feud will continue), Orton (hope I'm wrong) and Michelle (will continue). I want to read some of your predictions, though. I have the right to change my mind and it's always good to get other thoughts.