Welcome back to the Vintage WWE NXT Review all you Doctor Money-acs. I apologize for the lateness of this as I usually sit down to write it at 10:30-11 p.m. EST, but the Yankees are out on the west coast and they’re the only thing I place above WWE. You got to have your priorities in order. Let’s get this started.We start NXT with The Rookies in the ring and some blue padded thing setup on the ramp; I’m sensing trouble right off the bat. Matt Striker reminds us that in 3 weeks the 1st elimination will occur. So, NXT has turned into American Gladiators as that blue thing I referred to is a jousting pit as this week’s challenge is “Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Rookies”. The winner of this challenge will win a feature on WWE.com.  I’ll just run down the results. Heath Slater beat David Otunga. Skip Sheffield beat Wade Barrett. Barrett threw his jousting stick at Skip then they got into a shoving match. Daniel Bryan beat Michael Tarver because Tarver just basically gave up and jumped off the pedestal. Darren Young beat Justin Gabriel. Striker says that the semi-finals will occur later in the show. This was rather harmless; it only took up about 7 minutes of TV time, although they are going back to it later.<!--more-->After the nonsense that is another refresher of the John Cena/Batista feud we see a video package on Wade Barrett, where all the Pros basically put him over. This guy is definitely here to stay.David Otunga vs. Justin GabrielHey, there’s R-Truth! I thought MacGruber blew him up on RAW!? Boy, am I relieved to know he’s ok, I was having trouble sleeping. The match went about 4 minutes and it was ok. Otunga uses a lot of rests holds. To be honest, I don’t think he’s very good in the ring. I’d like him to stick around as a mouthpiece/bodyguard type, but him being on his own as a singles wrestler is not a good idea. Gabriel carried him to a watchable match here. His somersault senton was pretty awesome. Both Pros were at ringside for this match. The end came when Gabriel was on the apron and went for a sunset flip and Otunga wanted Truth to grab his arms to prevent him from going down. Truth refuses and Gabriel eventually got him down and got the win.Winner- Justin Gabriel. *1/2We now arrive at the semi-finals of our little jousting competition and we see Skip trump Slater and Young beat Bryan.Carlito and Michael Tarver are in the ring and Tarver has a mic. He says if silence is golden, then his words are invaluable, but yet he keeps talking. He calls himself a bulldog after weeks of referring to himself as a pitbull, isn’t that a downgrade? Tarver issues an open challenge to any Pro or Rookie and this brings out Skip Sheffield, who accepts. Skip gets to the ring and CM Punk’s music hits. Punk says that John Cena and Orlando Jordan’s son wants competition as well. Punk inserts his rookie in this match and we have a triple threat match.Darren Young vs. Skip Sheffield vs. Michael TarverThese guys got 8 minutes and it wasn’t as bad as you’d think it be. Skip and Tarver takes turns on beating on Young until the inevitable disagreement over who’s going to make the pin takes place. With Skip on the outside, Young goes to the top rope and Luke Gallows shoves him off and then hits a running clothesline off the apron onto Skip. Gallows then implores Tarver to pin Young, but he gets caught in Young’s full nelson slam thing he does and Young wins. Tarver should be the 1st one cut. Young and even Skip are starting to grow on me showing signs of life, while Tarver just continues to be a giant pile of suck. Thank you, MacGruber.Winner- Darren Young. *3/4The finals of the little stick fighting thing is up next and they have a rematch because they both fall off at the same and in the second match Skip wins. The Cornfed Meathead is now with Striker and he panders to the crowd, yep, yep, yep.Chris Jericho vs. Heath SlaterThe match went about 3 minutes and was dominated mostly by Jericho until he went for the Lionsault that missed. He should probably give up on that move; he can’t even hit it on a Rookie. Slater makes a comeback but Jericho pokes him in the eye and goes for the Walls of Jericho that Slater reverses into a small package for the win. Wow, upset of the year for sure. I don’t have any clue why they put Slater over Jericho. That is a major, major rub, that if you ask me I don’t think Slater warrants at allWinner- Heath Slater. *1/4Final ThoughtsI don’t really have anything bad to say about NXT this week, problem is again, I don’t have anything good to say about it. The matches were ok, at best. I really have to question Slater going over Jericho. Jericho’s the biggest star on this show and he loses to a lump like Slater? O don’t like it. There wasn’t much promo time either, there needs to be more of that. The challenge this week was useless, but not as useless as the keg carry. It occurred over 3 segments which I didn’t like but at least they went by quick. Please keep the challenges to wrestling related stuff, cut out the damn RAW Rewind and give me 3 matches in the 7-10 minute range every week and NXT will be a good show. Right now, it’s an ok show. The 4/20 episode of WWE NXT receives a 4.5/10.As always, it’s social network plugging time.Please check out my blog for new daily content: www.doctormoney.wordpress.com.Become a Doctor Money-ac on Facebook: Doctor Money’s Fan PageStop by Formspring and ask me stuff: http://www.formspring.me/DoctorMoneyEmail me: drmoney83@hotmail.comFollow me on Twitter: http://twitter.com/CMHIIThank you for reading. The Doctor has left the building.