This is from this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter. All figures are in the thousands.09W = 2009 Worldwide PPV buys09D = 2009 Domestic (US & Canada) PPV buys08W = 2008 Worldwide PPV buys08D = 2008 Domestic (US & Canada) PPV buys<!--more-->Royal Rumble450 (09W) 288 (09D)575 (08W) 403 (08D)No Way Out272 (09W) 174 (09D)365 (08W) 256 (08D)WrestleMania960 (09W) 582 (09D)1041 (08W) 697 (08D)Backlash182 (09W) 116 (09D)210 (08W) 141 (08D)Judgment Day228 (09W) 146 (09D)252 (08W) 169 (08D)Extreme Rules/One Night Stand213 (09W) 136 (09D)200 (08W) 134 (08D)Bash/Night of Champions178 (09W) 114 (09D)286 (08W) 191 (08D)Night of Champions/Bash267 (09W) 166 (09D)196 (08W) 135 (08D)SummerSlam369 (09W) 229 (09D)477 (08W) 329 (08D)Breaking Point/Unforgiven169 (09W) 105 (09D)211 (08W) 146 (08D)Hell in a Cell/No Mercy264 (09W) 164 (09D)238 (08W) 164 (08D)Only three PPVs in 2009 had more worldwide buys in 2009 than they did in 2008: Extreme Rules, Night of Champions and Hell in a Cell.It sucks that Summerslam did so poorly compared to the year before because to me that was the best PPV they did in 2009 and I thought it would do a better number than that. Remember that the DX return was a key selling point in that. Obviously it didn't do very well. When DX came back in 2006 they did help improve PPV buys. The 2009 Breaking Point show was one of the least purchased ones ever, as most suspected. The only PPVs with lower worldwide numbers than since 1996 are Cyber Sunday 2008 and that ECW December to Dismember one.There are more notes on financial matters in WWE, but I'm not going to post more. It's a good read, though.